How can you tell when a guy likes you?

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He'll make eye contact with you, or when you catch him looking at you he'll look away quickly and pretend it didn't happen. He'll tease you [playfully] and if he likes you a lot he'll have inside jokes and nicknames for you. He'll come over to you to say hi, look for excuses to touch you. He'll try to make you laugh [even if whatever he's doing looks like it belongs on Jackass] and he'll show off for you. He won't talk about other girls to you either, but if he does he could just be trying to see if you get jealous.

He will talk to you for more than 1 minute.

He'll also say the first thing that pops up into his head to you.

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2010-01-25 00:44:35
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Q: How can you tell when a guy likes you?
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