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by using it

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Q: How can you get high off of heroin?
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Can you get contact high off heroin?

If the heroin is being smoked "chasing the dragon" then contact high is possible, otherwise... No!

Can you get high off heroin 12 hours after taking suboxone?

i do all the time

What's the best heroin addiction treatment?

The best heroin treatment is to use a replacement morphine to take off the high and then wean slowly off that to replace the need for substance abuse.

How can you tell if a substace is heroin?

you snort it and if you get high then its heroin

Is Josh Ramsay off heroin?

He went through rehab after being expelled from high school.

How long after taking methadone can you get high off heroin?

24 hours after initial consumption of methadone you should be able to get high off heroin. Methadone is an extremely potent drug which should not be mixed with other chemicals especially those containing opiates.

Can you get a second rush off a single use of heroin?

No you cannot get a second rush off heroin from a sinlgle use. Whether you inject it, smoke, or snort it, the one rush you get is the high of the dose of heroin hitting you. That happens once per hit, shot, or bump/line.

How do people get off heroin?

They get off

Can a person still get high off of heroin if taken methadone?

Depending on how high your dose of methadone is. If your on a low dose, yes you can. If your on a high dose than you would need to do more heroin but the high only lasts a few minutes, therefore being a waste of money. IMO

what pill can i take to get off of heroin?

what pill can i take to kick heroin

What date does the Heroin Diaries start off at?

The Heroin Diaries start off on Christmas, December 25th.

How long does it take to get off heroin?

I'd say about a week. ****It depends on what you mean by "off heroin". It will be out of your bloodstream by day 3. The withdrawl symptoms (often like the flu) with subside within a week. Mentally, some people never get "over" heroin and think about the high several times a day, every day.

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