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Get some antibiotics and that should clear it right up.Also give it time.

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Q: How can you get a damaged toenail to grow back?
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How long does you take for a surgically removed toenail to grow back?

It could take a couple months for it to grow back. There is also the possibility that because of the surgery, the toenail may never grow back.

If you remove your toenail will it grow back?

yes indeed!

Can you lose a toenail and still survive?

Yes you still can survive the toenail will slowly grow back.

What to do if your big toenail comes off?

You wait for it to grow back.

How long those a take for a toenail to grow back?

About a month

So I have a badly ingrown toenail gross I know and the doctors said that I have no option other than to remove the whole of my toenail Will it grow back over time?

The toenail will grow back over time to a more functional usage.

If a toenail falls off twice will it still grow back the second time?

Yes, It will grow back.

Can toenails grow back on dogs?

If the entire nail bed was removed, it is highly unlikely that the toenail will grow back.

How long does it take for a big toenail to grow back?

If your big toenail has completely fallen off, it can take somewhere between 6 months and 18 months, till it will completely grow back.

If you Kick a rock and your toenail falls off will it grow back ok this i gonna sound icky but i kicked a rock and my toenail came clean off and im worried another Toenail wont grow back in its place?

It should do...unless you're a zombie.

Is it normal for a person to have more than one toenail growing on a toe at the same time i lost the toenail a few years back from injuries and it fell off again and there were 2 sets growing?

If a toenail gets damaged, by a shock, or too short a shoe, it can "die" and a new one starts to grow underneath. Eventually the damaged one falls off. That may or may not be your problem. Check with a doctor.

Why do dogs toenail grow longer in the front then in the back?

because they can eat better

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