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There is no un-painful way to break any bone.

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Q: How can you break your arm at home in the least painful way?
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How do you break your arm at home on your bed?

Hopefully accidentally. A fracture can be extremely painful and lead to complications.

What is the least painful way to break your arm?

There is actually no way that isn't painful. But if the shock is so great, there's a possibility that you wouldn't really feel it.

What is the least painful way to break your arm in your house?

Most household accidents are falls. I hope you are not planning ahead.

How do you break a arm?

You need to apply enough pressure to the bones in the arm to compromise the structure of the bone, causing the break. This will result in an extremely painful result.

How do you break your arms with no surgery?

reverse bend the arm from the elbow. is a painful process, but its a quick way to break your arms

How do you know if you break your arm?

It would be very painful and if you could pick something up you will drop it.

How do you break an arm at home?

hit your arm every were in the house again and again and again you get my point. then you move your arm alot. it will work. ps why would some one want to break there arm?

What is the least painful body part to be tattooed?

Probably the arm. Any place where there is a lot of fat and fewer nerve endings.

How do you purposely break your arm?

Bones are meant to be strong, especially in young people. Therefore, it takes a great deal of force for a bone to break. Purposely trying to break a bone could cause muscle and tendon injuries, which take forever to heal and are quite painful. A broken bone is also extremely painful.

What is the most painful shot?

Well, none of the shots are painful if you rest your arm for at least fifteen minutes without moving it and thinking happy thoughts. Before you know it, the shot with be done! Hope this helps!

Did Rey Mysterio break his arm?

Yes No Rey did not break his arm

How can you break your sim's arm?

It is actually not possible to break your sim's arm.

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