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Smoking, working in a smoking or dusty environment.

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Q: How can an unhealthy lifestyle affect your lungs?
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How can a unhealthy lifestyle affect the circulatory system?

An unhealthy lifestyle effects the circulatory system because it causes the things like the lungs, heart, digestive tract, kidneys, and liver to shut down. This means, without this or any body system, you will die or get a transplant.

What is unhealthy lifestyle?

unhealthy lifestyle is when you're having an unhealthy lifestyle like the money goes wrong or your life is not straight

How can smoking affect your lifestyle?

it ruins your health and damages your lungs as well as the thing what it is does to your lifestyle is keeps you all stress and less active

Is pneumonia a lifestyle disease hereditary disease or infectious disease?

It is an infectious disease. However, you are more apt to get it if you smoke or have otherwise unhealthy lungs.

How do you describe your lifestyle?

Unhealthy, depressing

How does smoking affect athletes?

smoking will make their lungs unhealthy and cause you to be out of breath quicker than an average person

What organs do a unhealthy lifestyle effect?

All of them.

How does smoking affect the alveoli in the lungs?

Smoking affects the alveoli in the lungs because when the red blood cells absorb oxygen into the alveoli when the smoke is mixing with the clean oxygen it becomes unhealthy for your lungs and dangerous.

What is an unhealthy lifestlye?

An unhealthy lifestyle could be many different things. Mainly, an unhealthy lifestyle is based on lack of exercise and a poor diet. These almost always result in health complications as a consequence.

How do unhealthy lungs work?

Unhealthy lungs work just like healthy ones. They're just less efficient.

Unhealthy lungs are what color?


What is the definition of a Unhealthy lifestyle?

An unhealthy lifestyle is a lifestyle being lived that is a threat to the person living it whether it be long term or short term. For example, someone who has bad lungs who smokes. That is an unhealthy lifestyle to live because in the long run it can have dramatic even fatal effects. Some other examples could be other bad habits that effect one mentally such as gambling, one night stands, or being verbally or physically abusive to one, or taking in to much verbal or physical abuse without seeking help.

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