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The number 32 is the size of the female back. The DD or (Double D) is the size of the breast, equivalent to a grapefruit.

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Q: How big are 32DD breasts?
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How much do 32DD breasts weigh?

As much as your heart's desire

Is a size 32DD too big for a 15 year old?

If a 15 year old has genetics that give her a 32DD chest she is fine. This is natural and nature designed her this way.

Is 32D bigger than 32DD?

no, it 32D is smaller than a 32DD

Is a 32DD bra size bigger that a 34B?

Yes, a 32DD is larger than a 34B by two inches. A 32DD is roughly equivalent to a 34D.

How big are 32DD?

Bras are sized primarily using two measurements. The first is the diameter around the ribcage directly below the breasts. The second is the diameter around the fullest part of the breasts. For a size 32 DD, the approximate measurements would be 28" around the ribs and 36" across the breasts. Sizing will vary somewhat with different bras and different body types.

What is the difference between a size 32DD and 34DD Bra?

what is difference between 32dd and 34dd

How do you determine how big your breasts will be?

you cant determine how big your breasts will be..

How big do your breasts have to be at age 12?

There is no average, everyone is different, I'm 12 and a 32DD but my friends are AA-C, so whatever you have at the moment will surly develop in the future it's just that some People develop quicker and before others. Hope this helped xoxox

What waist size for 32DD?

32DD is a bra size. It has nothing to do with waist size, but rather the size around the chest area.

What is a 32dd?

A 32dd is 32 inches at the band of a bra and the double d is the cup size that is one of the biggest bras but not necessarily.

Is it weird to have 32DD breast at fourteen?

Not at all. All women have different breast sizes and usually breast size is hereditary, so you are more likely to have larger breasts if someone in your family did.

How can you grow big breasts?

We can grow big breasts by doing sex with other boys because they suck our breasts.

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