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Your hymen does not break, it can tear as a result of vaginal penetration if it is rough or forced. The hymen has little in the way of nerve endings so there is little to no pain when the hymen is torn, however if sex is rough or forced it can hurt the vagina or vulva.

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Q: How bad does it hurt when you break your hymen?
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Can you break a girl's hymen by fingering if and if you can how bad does it hurt?

you can break it but only if you go 31/2 inches in. also it hurts a bit but once it is done it feels really amazing =)

How do you break your hymen with out pain?

You do not break your hymen - it can tear but only if penetration is rough or forced, and even when torn it doesn't normally hurt. There's no reason to tear your hymen, just leave it the hell alone.

Does hymen hurt?


I have a thick hymen and my tampon wont go in is it possible to break your hymen before having sex and will it hurt?

its posible to break ur hymen before and it will hurt, how much, depends on ur pain tollerance. use a dildo or somthing like that something big and shove it in there, but if u hurt yourself by doing that its not my fault and dont blame this answer to ur question cuz im done getting in trouble ;)

How to know whether a girl is virgin if she doesn't tell?

there is only one way. if she is her hymen will break when she has sex and it will hurt!!

What are the exercises to break the hymen?

There are no exercises to break the hymen. The hymen cannot be broken but can be torn if penetration is rough or forced, simply exercising is not going to tear the hymen.

Is the Hymen disappearing?

The hymen does not disappear , it can only break.

What kind of medical test will prove that a women is virgin?

You can't. If a doctor complies with a test to check if your hymen is intact, you can press charges. A tampon can break your hymen, a vibrator can break your hymen. A hard fall on the ground can break your hymen.

Can outer course break hymen?

No, outercourse cannot break the hymen - the hymen also doesn't 'break'. The hymen can be torn but only as a result of vaginal penetration, and often it will only tear if penetration is rough or forced in some way.

Will you bleed if you break your hymen?

Your hymen does not break - it can wear away, stretch or tear. Bleeding can occur if the hymen is torn but not always, it varies from person to person.

Can your hymen break twice?

NO once its broken its gone no more at all of you hymen is left so it is kind of impossible to break your hymen twice mickey527

Can sports break hymen?


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