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Hyperglycemia is the result of insufficient insulin secretion by the pancreas, resulting in high blood glucose levels and the loss of glucose from the body in the urine (glycosuria). When sugars cannot be used as cellular fuel, more fats are mobilized, resulting in high fatty acid levels in the blood, a condition called Lipdemia.

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Q: How are the hyperglycemia and lipidemia of insulin deficiency linked?
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How are hyperglycemia and lipidemia of insulin deficiency linked?

Insulin deficiency is directly linked to hyperglycemia and lipidemia as it will cause this conditions. The resistance to insulin can also lead to ketoacidosis.

Is depression linked to magnesium deficiency?

No, magnesium deficiency is linked only to magnesium.

Is cramping linked to potassium deficiency?

Cramping is definitely linked to potassium deficiency, in the fact that your muscles and bones are causing you to have your cramps. When you don't have enough potassium, it causes problems with your bones and muscles.

How many polypeptide in human insulin?

Human Insulin consists of two polypeptide chains : A- and B- chains, they linked together by disulfide bonds.

What are some conditions linked to iron deficiency?

anemia weakness, loss of appetite, and giddiness besides pale look.

What factors are linked to pelvic organ prolapse?

Factors that are linked to pelvic organ prolapse include age, repeated childbirth, hormone deficiency, ongoing physical activity, and prior hysterectomy.

Why is diabetes is a deficiency disease?

Diabetes is not a disease (inability function) due to weakness or damage of any system organs linked to the pancreas that inhibit production of insulin or weak insulin for a blocked phase due to multiple factors such as life style,lack of exercise,hypertension,diet etc. leading to two types (Type 1 or Type 2). Either there is production of insulin but weak and cannot convert sugar embed in blood cells to free energy or very little or no even no insulin production. As almost all system organs are involved it is difficult to determine which particular organ is responsible to inhibit the insulin function. It has been debated that it could be linked to genetics but that could be corrected by stem cell therapy today. Traditional medicines have also helped but every person has to get a specific module therapy made for cure of the ailment. There are many physicians today who specialize in specific module therapy. Your pancreas stops producing insulin.

Is color blindness a reccesive gene?

If you suffer from red-green colour deficiency then this is an X-linked recessive condition. However, if you suffer from yellow-blue colour deficiency this is more likely to be an acquired disorder.

What are some Insulin Resistance Symptoms?

Insulin resistance symptoms are linked to diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Some symptoms include high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and impaired glucose tolerance.

How is vitamin E deficiency linked to partial open-angle glaucoma?

.vitamin E deficiency may be involved in the development of partial open-angle glaucoma(POAG), an eye disorder whose causes are not fully understood as of the early 2000s. The possibility that POAG is a vitamin-deficiency disorder.needs further research

What does vitamin K deficiency cause?

Vitamin K deficiency has been linked to the following disorders:* Skin cancer * Liver cancer* Heavy menstrual bleeding * Nose bleeds * Hemorrhaging* Easy bruising * Osteoporosis * HematomasVitamin K deficiency has also been linked to the following birth defects:* Shortened fingers * Cupped ears * Flat nasal bridges * Underdevelopment in the nose, mouth and mid-face. * Mental retardation * Neural tube defects

What are two categories of diabetes?

The two general classifications of diabetes mellitus (DM) are Type I and Type II. Type I DM is caused by a lack of insulin in the body. Type II DM is caused by a resistance to insulin. It is closely linked to obesity.

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