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Assumingly A 652 is Docusate-senna.

As the word 'Senna' may suggest, it is a mid strength laxative used by constipation sufferers.

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Q: Found a round orange pill with imprint A 652. What type of pill is this?
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It is impossible to identify this pill without the imprint code found on the medication.

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The small round orange colored pill with the imprint ETH in one side and 625 on the other side is 5 mg of the drug oxycodone.

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According to's Pill Identifier, a round white tablet with the imprint 'RX 7' is Lorazepam 0.5mg. Verify this information with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Your pill is Oxycodone 5mg with Acetaminophen 325mg Imprint Code V 4839

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