Does your hair grow when your dead?

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It will continue to grow for a short time after death.

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Q: Does your hair grow when your dead?
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Related questions

If hair is dead why does it grow does it or not?

it does grow.

Your hair is trimed will your hair grow back?

Normally yes, but if you happen to be dead at the time of the trimming of the hair then as long as you're dead, your hair will not grow back.

Is hair follicle dead?

No. Hair is dead. Hair follicles are the only alive part of the hair. They're what grow and contribute their dead cells to hair growth.

Does hair grow faster of you cut it?

It doesn't necessarily grow faster, but it does grow healthier. Instead of growing dead ends, its grow stronger hair.

Does your hair still grow after your dead?

no but it stays intact.

What parts of your body grow when you are dead?

nails and hair!

Does your hair still grow even when its dead?

No. Nor does it grow when you are dead, although this has long been a myth; that hair continues to grow after death when really, it is merely the skin and flesh that is shrinking creating the illusion of hair growth.When a hair dies, it usually falls out.

Does you nose grow when your dead?

No, only your hair and finger nails.

Does your hair grow if you cut it?

the hair on your head will still grow, but the hair you cut off from your head will not. Hair is just dead skin cells, so when it isn't attached to something feeding it more cells, it will not grow

How can you make your hair grow faster after a bad haircut?

Sorry, but you just can't make your hair grow faster. Hair is made up of dead cells.

What part of a dead body stil grow when you are dead?

Sadly, the previous answer was incorrect. Scientists say that the hair and nail of a dead person grow about an inch then stop.

How do you grow hair long faster?

u get the dead ends of ur hair cut off

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