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Taking medication 3 times a day is basically the same thing as taking it every 8 hours. When it says 3 times a day, you do not have to make sure it is exactly every 8 hours but just close to that time range.

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Q: Does three times a day mean the same as every 8 hours?
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Does taking medicine 5 times a day mean every 3 hours?

Dose taking medicine 5 times daily mean every 3 hours or every 4 hours ?

What does Q3h mean?

it means in medical terms, every three hours

Does 4 times a day mean every 3 hours or every 6 hours?

every 6 hours because there 24 hours in a day and 4 multiplied by 6 =24

What does the medical abbreviation QID mean?

QID stands for Quater In Die, which means four times a day or every six hours.The following are related:QD: Once a day.BID: Twice a day.TID: Three times a day.QxH: Every x hours where the x is the number of hours. For example: 2 tabs q4h means two tablets every 4 hours.Four times a day or every six hours

Does tid mean every 8 hours?

TID means 3 times a day.

What does q6h in drug dose mean?

q6h stand for every 6 hours, q=every and h=hours so you can also take it to mean qid or four times daily though the doses should be about 6 hours apart.

Does taking antibiotics 3 times a day mean every 8 hours?

Either that, or after every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

What does taking a pill 4 times a day mean in hours?

That means take it every 6 hours. 24 hours in a day, divided by 4 is 6.

What does q day mean when taking medication?

q = every (as in q 8 hours)

What do q6hx3 mean in medical language?

q6hx3 means every six hours for a total of three doses/treatments/evaluations.

Does taking antibiotics 2 times a day mean every 12 hours?

Yes, one in the morning and one at night

In your knitting pattern it says EOR 3 more times- what does it mean?

It stands for "Every Other Row". In this case, it means "Repeat every other row three more times".

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