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No, they should grow as time passes, though!

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Q: Does tapping your finger nails make them grow faster?
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Can tapping your finger nails make them grow faster?

It helps your blood flow towards the nail beds making them grow

Do your nails grow faster when your sick?

yes your finger nails grow faster when your sick

Does tapping your fingernails make the nails grow faster?

Using your fingers will stimulate the blood flow to your nail beds. This will cause your finger nails to grow faster. Activities such as typing, tapping your fingers onto a hard surface (such as a table top), or playing piano for several minutes each day will create adequate stimulation to help your nails grow faster.

Why the fingers nails are grow faster than the toenails?

The finger nails grow faster because your finger nails have more calcium than yourtoe nailsSarah

Do thumb nails grow slower then finger nails?

I believe they grow faster.

Which grow faster finger nails or toe nails?

Actually your finger nails grow 4x faster than your toe nails!!!!!!!!spaxton21- OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? MINE IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!

Does tapping your fingernails make your fingernails grow faster?

This is completely a myth! Tapping your fingernails only annoys people around you. It will not make your nails grow at all. It will not affect how fast your nails grow!

How do you grow out your fingernails faster?

Well... the finger nails have the same elements of your hair...

Why do finger nails grow faster than toe nails?

The longer your fingers the faster your nail grows. Your toes are shorter than your fingers so they grow slower. Fingernails grow approx 2X the rate of your toe nails.

How long does it take to grow nails long?

your nails are constantly growing its takes about one to two weeks to have long nails

How do you grow toenails faster?

It seems as if Biotin makes a difference for all finger/toe nails...

Why do nails grow faster at the beach?

nails grow faster at the beach because salt water[ocean water] makes your nails irich and that helps them grow faster

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