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No. Weed actually relieves muscle pain and relieves tension

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2010-09-20 17:52:15
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Q: Does smoking marijuana harm your muscles in any way?
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Is there any harm in smoking Marijuana while taking lexapro and seroquel?


What can marijuana do to you?

Marijuana can not harm you in any way shape or form. There has never ever been any deaths from smoking or eating marijuana.

Can marijuana harm your unborn child?

probably, I wouldn't revommend any drugs, alcohol or caffeine when your pregnant Also no smoking

Will a marijuana plant harm a ferret if it eats it?

Marijuana will harm any animal by ingestion or smoke.

How long does it take for a person smoking marijuana to give you cancer?

Smoking marijuana doesn't give you cancer any faster than smoking cigarettes.

Is there any proof that smoking promethazine with codien on a blunt of marijuana will get you any higher than just smoking a blunt of marijuana?

It will make you fee low

Can smoking marijuana 5x over the course of 4 months do any harm?

If you smoke to much weed, u can "green" out. Were u get very sick. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana, and only greened out. Hope this helps

Does smoking marijuana affect allergies too?

yes, any kind of smoke or smoking can effect your allergies.

Can marijuana make your hair fall out?

well, marijuana is the best thing out there. it cant do any harm to you at all.

Can smoking marijuana make a woman sterile?

no. there is no evidence from any expirament done by any country that marijuana has any effect on the female reproductive system.

Does marijuana harm your lungs?

Any organic substance which is burned then inhaled is harmful.

Does marijuana smoking turn teeth brown?

Any smoking will discolor teeth. There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke and tar will discolor your teeth, but, you could smoke marijuana once a week for 30 years, and you probably wouldn't really have any problems, the same cannot be said of smoking cigarettes. <anonv>

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