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Q: Does smoking make a cough worse?
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What effect does smoking have if you already have a cough?

If you smoke when you already have a cough it will make it worse and may cause it to become chronic. Then you spread your spit and germs and smelly smoking breath all over everyone else.

Does eating egg make cough worse?


Should you go swimming with a cough?

no, It can make you feel worse

Can cold weather make a child's cough worse?


Is ice cream good for a cough?

No. The milk in it may cause more mucus and make the cough worse.

Does smoking make people with cardiomyopathy worse?


Does smoking make a cold sore worse?

Smoking may slow the healing process, and often makes the cold sore worse.

Why do you start to cough when you stop smoking?

Depends on what your smoking. suppose your smoking weed , weed/marijuana is strong & it makes you cough its normal though. cigarette's are different , they make you cough cause they're strong & addicting & what it has inside of it is very addicting & bad unlike weed.

Is secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Yes secondhand or passive smoking is worse than smoking

Is lung cancer worse than smoking?

Lung cancer is caused by smoking, so there isn't exactly a yes or no. If you really want a straight-up answer, all smoking does is relax you,while lung cancer kills you while you cough up blood. So yes, lung cancer is worse than being relaxed by smoking.

Does smoking make a cold worse?

well... depends what you means by worse, from my experience if i smoke When i have a cold. it makes the coughing worse at the time. however, the cold itself (sneezing, head aches, runny nose) doesnt get worse. the smoking will just make the cough last longer. so the cold may only last 4 days but the coughing will last 8 days! my advice is, if you want to smoke whilst you have a cold. dont smoke as much as you normally would!

How can you get over a long lasting cough?

Answer Sometimes coughs are from smoking cigarettes or grass or hash but if this isn't your case you should seek medical attention as it could be something far worse than a smokers cough.

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