Does slim fast affect birth control?

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2011-01-08 18:44:59

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When taking Birth Control of any type, you should ALWAYS consult your physician before taking any type of weight loss product or medication. It is always the best rule of thumb.

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2011-01-08 18:44:59
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Q: Does slim fast affect birth control?
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Does drinking Slim Fast effect your birth control?

Drinking Slim Fast does not affect birth control. There are no food restrictions when on birth control.

Can slim fast products affect the birth control pill?

Yes it can.

Does the birth control Encure really work?

Did you mean Slim 30 from Encure?

Does slimquick affect you if your on birth control?

Since the Slim Quick brand of weight loss medication hasn't been approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) it would be wise to talk to your doctor about interacting Slim Quick with any other medication.

Where to get slim fast coupons?

Coupons for Slim Fast diet aids are available directly from the web site of Slim Fast. Another place to get Slim Fast coupons is at the website

Slim Fast?

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Can I get slim fast coupons online?

Yes there are slim fast coupons available online. Slim fast has had coupons available for a long time on their products.

Could I still be pregnant on birth control?

Yes, but it's an extremely slim chance. Get a pregnancy test!!

Can you get pregnant on birth control without penetration and the guy released outside on my leg?

The chances are slim but birth control can never be 100 percent trusted especially if you are new to it. Chances are your not pregnant.

Are there any websites that could help me find slim fast?

Yes, you can find Slim Fast at any drug store website. You can also go to the Slim Fast website and find locations that sell Slim Fast around your area.

How do you make a slim fast drink?

Slim-Fast is actually a brand of shake. You'd have to purchase it.

Is slim fast good for athletes?

if i drink slim fast to loose fat will i loose my muscle to

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