Does pot help colds go away?

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No, marijuana actually lowers the ability of the immunity system and heavy pot smokers usually experience a high number of colds and illnesses than a nonsmoker.

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Q: Does pot help colds go away?
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Is smoothies bad for coughs and colds?

no because if it has fruit in it it can help your cough and cold to go away faster in just one day :)

How long do colds last?

Colds usually are different on every person. But on average it is a week but sometimes it takes you 2-3 days. I have a cold and i am searching 4 answers. This is my 1st day but my dad says it takes me a while for mine 2 go away.

Can hamsters get colds?

oh yes they can they can get colds all right,fevers too! (if you want more information go to a libary.)

Why is it a habit not to go to work or school if you have colds?

man flu

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How do you get white sore taste buds on the tongue to go away?

to help them go away, gargle water with salt in it.

How do viruses go away because antibiotics can't kill them?

We currently have no scientific way of killing a virus so we recover from colds etc. because our bodies can defeat viruses.

Does drying a zit make it disappear?

No not right away. It will help it go away quicker.

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How can you make ear pains go away?

There are many methods that can help ear pain lessen or go away. Using a heating pad can help take some of the pain away. Ear drops, antibiotics and pain relievers also help with pain.

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Why is a common cold bad for you?

Most colds go away in a few days if you drink plenty of water and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Check your temperature often, because some colds lead to fevers. If the cold gets worse, you should see a doctor so that they can prescribe you proper medication.

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