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not necessarily

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2009-08-09 20:26:46
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Q: Does it mean a girl likes you if she puts a smiley face on a text?
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What does a smiley face mean in 9gag?

The likes for a post

What does it mean if a girl puts a smiley face?

She may not be interested so to be nice she text jback just a smile face

When a guy says they like a girl cheeky what does it mean?

It could mean either peppy, smiley, or just with a round face.

What does it mean when a girl's friend says that she thought the girl liked a guy and the girl says that she only likes another guy's face?

It means she only likes another guy's face!

What does a smiley face with an exclamation mark mean?

A smiley face and a explanationmark means that that person is really happy

What does a smiley face with a period mean?

It means a kissey face.

What does the smiley face tattoo mean?


What do all the smileys on MySpace mean for your mood?

They mean like what your feelinq.As in a smiley face, happy.A sad face, sad.A biq smiley face excited or way happy.Etc...

What does an exclamation point then a smiley face mean?

A smiley face means happy and smiley exclamation point means excited, emphasising importance, anger, etc.

What does it mean when he put a symbol after your name in his phone?

like a smiley face? well that could mean that he possibly likes u or thinks u are a great friend.. what symbol did he put?

Smiley face on blackberry curve mean?

I finally deleted the Smiley Face on my BB Curve by declining a request in BB Messenger.

What does it mean when you ask out a girl and she relplies with with a smiley face?

well it doesn't mean no...just ask her if that is a yes. I'm thinking she would like to go on a date with you.

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