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It hurts getting a tattoo period. I have one at the top of my back, and the most painful thing for me was my muscles tensing closer to the sides of the back. Other then that, no it's really not bad. Definitely worth it

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โˆ™ 2009-08-10 09:42:51
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Q: Does it hurt having a tattoo at the top of the back?
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Does a tattoo on the top of your hand hurt?

well its a tattoo so it not exactly compfortable

How bad does a hip tattoo hurt compared to a lower back tattoo?

The hip should hurt less because there's more fat and muscle there than the lower back. Honestly though, the pain shouldn't be a factor in where you place it. I have a tattoo on the top of my back going down my spine and while it killed when I was getting it done, I wouldn't want it anywhere else=)

Does it hurt real bad on the back tramp stamp?

According to my daughter, it's about average for a tattoo. The place that is most painful is on the top of the foot.

How much does a foot tattoo hurt?

On a scale from 1-10 ... 9.3 ishhh. I wanted one, but my mom got one when she was younger and she said it hurt sooo bad. Imagine having to walk on the foot.. Even though the tattoo is on top (ihope) but still the pressure hurts. And , you can't wear shoes :p

What does a cross tattoo on the top of your back mean?

that the wearer worships Satan

Do you have to take your top off if getting a tattoo at the top of your back bottom of neck?

No. Wear a low backed top.

Does Aston Merrygold have a tattoo on his back?

The musical symbol is at the top of his back at the middle and he has stars on his neck below his ear

Does Chris Brown have a tattoo on his back?

Yes, he has a smiling face on the top of his back... i think its pretty cool :D

Which tattoo spot would hurt more -- behind ear or right below hairline on top of neck?

Neither one will be pleasant. Consider something: Every tattoo that has ever been put on anyone in the 5000-year history of tattooing hurt, and every tattoo that has ever been done stopped hurting very soon after it was done. Would you rather have a tattoo behind your ear or one below your hairline on top of your neck? Then that's the one to get.

Can you tattoo over a tattoo that is not old?

You have to wait for the tattoo to fully heal before you can get it tattooed over the top again.

Does getting a tattoo affect how you behave?

No. It will only affect the top layers of skin. It doesn't affect behaviour. If someone displays changes after having a tattoo than I would suggest that these problems were already part of their psyche.

Where should a person get a tattoo of the head and neck cancer ribbon on their body?

I will be placing mine on the top of my back, right below the nape of my neck!

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