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It can do yes but if it continues see your Doctor.

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Q: Does gas cause sharp shooting pains in the lower abdomin?
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Sharp pains in lower back and abdomin for a male?

It could be something wrong with your gastorial system. Ie. Your gallbladder, I just recently had this taken out and Abdomin Pains/back Pains and the feeling you can't breath at times is a sign of gallstones. Little buggers can be very very painful and dangerous. Get checked, go to the hospital or your family doctor and request an ultrasound in your lower abdomin.

What might cause sharp shooting pains in fingers?

There are various ailments that may cause sharp shooting pains in the fingers. If you are concerned then you should try and consult a doctor.

What are these s harp shooting pains i have in my left lower abdomen?

Possibly your bowel

What could cause horrible spread out pains in the abdomin?

Far too many things could be the cause and, although not all, some can be very serious. If you are suffering these pains you should really be seeking profesional medical help.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill used a condom and took Plan B and have since got your period 3 times but have weird pains in your lower abdomin?


What would cause shooting pains in stomach?

lots of gases building up in your stomach

What can cause brief shooting pains behind temple?

Brief shooting pains behind the temple of the head can have many causes. These causes range from multiple scrosis to a migraine headache and should be evaluated by a physician.

What would cause Shooting pains right temple and nose bleeds?

Go see a doctor!!!!

What causes Shooting pains in chest wrist shoulders ankles?

Conditions that are known to cause shooting pains in the chest, wrist, shoulders and ankles are bursitis and tendinitis. There are various types of bursitis and tendinitis that are caused by inflammation.

Can kidney stones cause sharp pains in your lower back?

Yes they can.

What causes sharp shooting pains accompanied by coughing and dizzyness?

Sharp shooting pains where? More data please.

Is it normal to have shooting chest pains after having heartburn?

Yes, it is very normal to have shooting chest pains after having a heartburn.

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