Do your breasts continue to grow over time?

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When you go through puberty they do and when you are pregnant but otherwise no

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Q: Do your breasts continue to grow over time?
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Does your hair grow when your dead?

It will continue to grow for a short time after death.

Does tapping your finger nails make them grow faster?

No, they should grow as time passes, though!

What will hppen if nothing is done about air pollution?

Humans will continue to suffer from respiratory diseases which leads to circulatory diseases and the ozone 'hole' will become larger and larger and the temperature of earth will continue to rise. Though humans compensate over time to the enironmental changes, pollution is growing faster than accommodation.

Why do women have to have breasts and there the ones who have babies why cant guys have it?

Women have breasts because they are the ones that carry and feed babies. A womans breast produces milk whenever she has a child; human babies cant eat other foods for a period of time. Men also have breasts, but they do not become enlarged like a womans (unless there is a medical condition).

Do breasts float?

Breasts do float. Of course, it depends on the size as to whether or not you'll see them float. So if there were two women sitting in a body of water without a top on, one woman with large (maybe c and above) breasts and one with smaller ones (a sized) you would see the first woman's breasts rise to the surface, but since the second woman's breasts are closer to her body, you probably wouldn't see it. Also, they float, but they won't make one's WHOLE BODY float--so don't count on the girls when it's time to float by yourself in water ;) And then lastly, you won't really see it in a swimsuit usually since the swimsuit presses your breasts to your body.

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When do girls grow their breasts?

Right around the time they get their period, and they will likely continue to grow until the girl is about 18.

Are breasts supposed to grow one at a time?

No, normally breasts, like arms and legs, grow two at a time.

Are your breasts big enough?

Breasts grow at a normal age. Yours will get bigger with time.

Is it possible to grow in height after adulthood?

Men can continue to grow in height until about age 25. Women stop growing at about the same time they begin developing breasts. That's why girls tower over boys at 12, but boys are usually taller than girls by 16.

If a 12 year old has a 36B sized breast will she become a 36DD?

There is no way of telling. Your breasts may continue to grow or they could stop growing at any time.

How can you grow real breasts?

If you are referring to growing breasts as a male looking to appear as a woman thusly being Transgendered. It may be expensive and depending on where you live chances are there is a psychiatrist that is in your area that is familiar with transgendered individuals and the treatment that they require. It is possible through the taking of Estrogen to grow breasts over an extended period of time. See your doctor, be patient, and with time you shall have your very own breasts.

What if your mum has really small breasts but your sister had big breasts by the time she was 12 and you are 14 now and your breasts are still tiny is there any chance that they will grow?

It depends give them time

Does your hair grow when your dead?

It will continue to grow for a short time after death.

How do you get big breasts in a week?

You have to be patient they take time to grow. They can't grow in a week. Or you get an expensive boob job.

If you put an apple under your bra every night before bed will they grow?

The apple, the bra, or your breasts? The short answer is no, to all. Short of surgery, only time will make your breasts grow.

What are two reasons why cells divide rather than continue to grow in indefinitely?

Cells will grow only for a certain time and then they will stop. They have what are called boundaries which they will not normally grow beyond. If they over grow their boundaries they become cancer-like cells which will grow and grow.

If I get a hair transplant will the hair continue to grow on top of my head?

Yes transplanted hair will be fully mature and will continue to grow for a life time.

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