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It depends.

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Q: Do ten year old kids lose molars?
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Do you lose your 6 year old molars?

Sadly no! and I have cavitiy in one of them!

What age do molars fall out?

Your molars fall out at around when you are 9 - 12 years old and start coming out when you are around around age 12-13 year old. when you lose your baby molars they grow but when you lose your adult molars they do not grow back.

Do you lose your 12 year old molars?

Only if you have them extracted. They erupt as permanent teeth.

What are 12 year old molars?

12 year old molars are your second molars, and may cause a lot of pain in the left or right sides of your mouth. You usually get them from the ages 10-12. Some kids may get them at the age of 9.

Can a 4 year old get molars?

yes a 4 year old can gget molars

Do you lose your 12 year old molers?

12 year old molars refer to the permanent molars a child receive at the approximate age of 12 years old. The 12-year-old molars are your permanent molars so they will not get replaced as the primary teeth do. The 12-year-old molars can be lost through extraction, cavities, or even though bone loss.

Do you get 8 year old molars?

Do you get 8 yr old molars?

Can you get 4 year old molars when your 4 years old?

Yes. Their 4 years old and they are getting their 4 year old molars.

Are molars meant to fall out?

The 12 year old molars will come out. The next one is meant to be permanent.

how many molars does a 12 year old have?

8 but am not sure

A type of molar teeth right at the back of the mouth?

It depends how old u are. If your 8 it is your 8 year old molars. If your 12 it is your 12 year old molars. If your 14 or older I think they are your wisdom teeth.

Can a 3 year old get molars?

There are molars in the primary set of teeth, and three year olds typically get them. The permanent first molars appear in the mouth behind the primary molars, but that does not usually occur until years 5-7. It could happen at age 3, but it would be unusual. Have a dentist take a look to be sure. There are molars in the primary teeth set, and the permanent teeth set as well. Primary molars can erupt as soon as 13 months old. Therefore a 3 year old child should have 8 primary molars in his mouth. Like said above, permanent molars only erupt when the child is between 5 and 7 years old. Therefore it is highly unusual that a 3 year old would have permanent molars in his or her mouth.

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