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yes they do!

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Q: Do people often forget things they said while drunk?
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Does a drunk speak their true feelings?

yes, i know this b/c I'm 22 and my mom is an alcoholic, has been since as far back as i can remember. my childhood was not good.---- Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so people who are drunk are more likely to do and say anything they have the impulse to do or say. But alcohol also alters people's mental states, making them perceive things and think about things in different (and often aberrant) ways. so yes and no: they may say what's on their minds, but their minds are pretty badly warped when they say it, so you can't really say it's 'true'.

Why do people often ask what is today?

People are often extremely busy especially those who work several jobs. Any individual who works a full-time job or several part-time jobs or even is at school several hours throughout the day can easily get caught up with heavy loads of work. With days feeling like hours, it is very easy for an individual to forget or lose track of which specific day of the week it is, hence the question often comes of what is today?

Why are black men more sensitive to cold temperatures than white men?

Wrong. Some black men very swim often, sometimes in very cold temperatures. true yes they are forget about the simpleton above me . they are more sensitive because black people came from Africa and in Africa it is very hot so black people are more used to hot and white people to cold.

How do you get my boyfriend to make out with me more often?

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Why is it important to be careful with the media you are exposed to?

Producers are often trying to persuade you of things that might not be good for you

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Do people always forget what they said and did when they were drunk?

No, people do not always forget what they said or did when they were drunk. It happens to some people more often than others and typically if you were extremely intoxicated.

Do people remember what they say when drunk?

Even a woman often forgets what she says or does when excessively drunk. It is not gender specific. But do guys forget what they say when drunk? Yes, most of the times they do. They may or may not. Many people become excessively honest when drinking (in vino veritas) and may choose to deny their words, even if they remember every one.

Do people say things that they dont mean when they re drunk?

People often say things in the heat of the moment, you should not listen to people when they have had adrink or take thigs to heart, ask them when tey are sober if what they said has hurt you.

When people say they're not going to get drunk do they?

People are often known to lie about their drinking.

Do people act mean when they are drunk?

People are unpredictable and often dangerous when drunk. Some act mean, some don't. It also depends on how much you drank.

What is the Tagalog of often gets drunk?

Tagalog translation of OFTEN GETS DRUNK: palaging nalalasing

When do people forget things?

Because quite often their minds are too subsconciencous of other things. and need to rest or relax before taking on other chores for the day. And often did not attain enough rest the night before, becoming clummsy in thoughts, especially if over 45 years of age. as regards names reminding , the rule is if you are not affliliated with a person weekly, its ok to forget names of people whom you donot interact with often or daily.

Does Robert Pattinson get drunk?

yes he does get drunk and very often

What Latin expression for drunken people often speak the truth?

The Latin phrase 'In vino veritas' literally means 'in wine the truth'. It means that when people are drunk they may say things that they would otherwise not have said.

What is it like to be an artist?

Lonely at the top. People often forget you and fame is fickle.

How often do oil trucks spill?

Quite often. This is because the drivers are often drunk or high, so the answer to that is a question, How often are oil truck drivers drunk?

Why does a Drunken mind speaks a sober heart?

It means that drunk people often say what they really feel.

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