Do older women often marry younger men?

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the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

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2011-04-20 18:58:16
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Q: Do older women often marry younger men?
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Can older women marry younger men?

Whatever works for them

Is it a sin to date someone older than you?

No. It isn't even very unusual. It's common for older men to date and marry younger women, but it's no longer considered "strange" for younger men to date and marry older women, sometimes by a considerable margin. These "May/December" romances can prove to be remarkably stable.

Does Jesse McCartney prefer older or younger women?

He prefers younger women

If you are 7 in women what are you in boys?

Boys mature 3-5 years slower than women, that's why girls should marry older men, not younger.

Why are younger women treated so poorly by older women?

Because younger woman are Sexy than older woman

Why does older women hate on younger women?

In love relationships, older women hate on younger women because it is easier to find a couple. In the daily, older women hate on younger because they are most likely to do stupid things and live a 'Partying' life. - Camilarv

Is it bad to marry an older women?


Why older men marry women 22 years younger?

Because thry have nothing better to do. I think it is just plain wrong though.

Does Chris Brown like older or younger women?

Younger Women about the age of 13yrs. old

Why are older men obsessed with younger women?

Older men have a tendency to be obsessed with younger women because they have reached a critical phase in their lives where they need to feel the pull of vitality and youthfulness. Sadly, and very often mistakenly...these men discover that they have to 'offer up something' other than themselves to get and keep the attentions of younger women. It is a falsehood that an older woman can't provide the same excitement and vigor that younger ones do, and its a pity that an older man believeds that a younger woman's ardor is the fountain of youth for him. Older women reminnd him of what's he's losing (his youth) and younger women are a distraction (keeping him from realization) that they desperately feel they need.

Why do older women want to younger men?

Some older women want younger men because they make them feel younger. They may also find younger men physically attractive.

What is the term for a girl who hooks up with older men?

* Some young women are looking for a father figure, but may that it be, often younger women who go after older men are labeled as 'gold diggers.'

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