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Yes. Most hospitals have converted over to computer filing systems because of a recent law recognizing the problems patients were having trying to find their paper file records when they hadn't been to that doctor in a while. With the new system you will be able to find your records at any time, very easily.

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Q: Do hospitals keep electronic medical records?
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Do all hospitals keep electronic medical record?

Most hospitals in this modern age do keep electronic medical records along with paper medical records. Electronic copies are needed for efficiency and backup.

Do hospitals keep medical records longer than they say they do?

No, hospitals do not keep records longer than they say they do. They actually keep it shorter than they say they do at least sometimes

How long do hospitals keep your medical records for?

Federal law says 7 years

How long should a hospital maintain outpatient medical records?

Generally hospitals keep medical records for up to seven years. The hospital must maintain inpatient and outpatient records for this time period.

Does every doctors surgery have Electronic Medical Record of you or do they still use normal folders/files.?

Doctors in Big advanced hospitals are maintaining their Patients medical records electronically. It will be easy for them review their patients medical contion even at their home. Some small clinic doctors still using folders/files to keep their patients medical records.

How long do doctor's have to keep medical records?

In the US, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals, and dentists must keep medical records for a minimum of 7 years. Some exclusions exist, however, and you may be charged for copies.

Do hospitals keep record of suicide attempts?

Hospitals do not keep records of suicide attempts, but the police do.

Are electronic medical records secure and classified?

Confidentiality and privacy are major concerns when it comes to electronic medical records. Each medical institution spends a lot of money and resources to keep these files secure. Of course there is always a risk of their systems being hack and compromised.

How long do you keep medical records for HIPAA?

HIPAA has nothing to do with how long you have to keep medical records.

How long do I have to keep a deceased patient's medical records?

how long to keep deceased medical records

IF using electronic charting for medical records do you still have to keep paper charts as some sort of back up in New York state?

No, paper backup of electronic records is not required in New York State.

How long do hospitals keep records of previous abortions?

As long as the other medical records. In the United States they are required to keep records for 7 years. Not sure how they are stored or destroyed in the different countries but here in Sweden the records goes into a special archive after the patient has passed away.

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