Do abortions physically hurt

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Yes, the physical recovery is painful. i just had my first abortion. it was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. i was raped and felt i had no choice. i was also 15 weeks along. so that made it even worse Answer i just had my first abortion about 3 months ago and personally i had no pain what so ever. even afterwords i had little to no cramps and my recovery was pretty fast. i was also 15 weeks in. everyone react differntly thoguh . good luck! it all depends on who you are and if you mentally are in pain, most likely it will be more painful physically. I had my abortion less than 2 months ago, I was 10 weeks in, and it was very painful in my opinion. The cramps were intense and there was no way you could control it. If i could go back, I wouldn't have one. I am just glad that in America we have the choice at the moment and hopefully that doesn't change.

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Q: Do abortions physically hurt
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