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The two are not mutually exclusive. Illicit basically means illegal, or forbidden by law, rule, or custom.

Some drugs which are illicit, are considered recreational by many or most people. For example, marijuana, which is illegal to possess almost anywhere in the US, is a recreational drug.

Recreational drugs are those which are taken for, not surprisingly, recreational purposes. In other words, any drug which produces a noticeable and typically pleasurable result in the user is potentially a recreational drug. Examples include caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, prescription meds like Vicodin and Xanax, and even more hardcore drugs like methamphetamine and heroine.

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Q: Difference between illicit and recreational drugs?
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What is difference between licit and illicit drugs?

illicit=illegal. licit means legal

What is the difference between recreational and medical drugs?

Medical drugs are prescribed for a particular medical need- such as infection control, pain relief, etc. Recreational drugs are taken for fun. Medical drugs are sometimes used as recreational drugs.

Difference between drug abuse and recreational use?

Drug abuse is use of drugs for other than their intended purpose, or use of illicit drugs.Recreational use of drugs is drug abuse. However, "recreational" has come to imply occasional mild use. "Drug abuse" implies heavy use, but not to the point of addiction.

What is the difference between licit drugs and illicit drugs?

Licit: this is a drug that is acceptable by law under some circumstances. e.g : when a person is under age. Illicit: these are drugs that are illegal to use, possess, use or produce. e.g : cocaine, marijuana.

What is a licit and illicit drugs?

illicit drugs are control drugs while licit are drugs that are not control

Does monaco have illicit drugs?

Yes of course. Every country has drugs, both licity and illicit ones.

What drug meets the definition of illicit?

Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and others are considered to be illicit drugs. Those being drugs that are illegal.

Who makes illicit drugs?

drug dealers

What is the quickest way to get urine clean from illicit drugs?

Stop doing illicit drugs. An additional benefit is that you'll live longer and stay out of jail.

What are the differences between illicit and licit drugs?

There are some drugs that any adult is free to buy at will, which includes such drugs as aspirin, alcohol, tobacco, or Pepto-Bismol (etc.). These would be described as legal, or licit drugs. There are other drugs that can only be legally obtained by prescription, which if you obtain them without a prescription become illegal or illicit drugs; this would include such things as oxycontin, etc. There are other drugs which are never prescribed and which would always be illegal; this includes methamphetamines, crack cocaine, etc. Those are illicit drugs. Lots of people think it's fun to use illicit drugs, and it often is, but you will pay a very high price for your fun, so be warned.

Can taking recreational drugs make you tired?

Depending on what kind of drugs you're taking- the majority of recreational drugs have a side effect of drowsiness.

What is it meant by the recreational use of drugs?

Useing whenever you WANT it not NEED IT. Trust me there is a difference. when you need you should stop.

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