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You need to assess--location, size, width and length, depth, color of wound bed, sorrounding tissue, redness, swelling/edema, drainage- type, amount, consistence, and odor. Also document source of wound ( pressure, surgical ect...). Assess patients complaints--pain, lack of felling to site ect.

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Q: Define the principle of assessment in relation to wound care?
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If more than one wound is found during a quick assessment What should you do?

Treat the most serious wound first.

If more than one wound is found during a patient assessment what should you do?

Treat the most serious wound first.

Principle of operation of a double wound transformer?

what is spare parts

What is the first principle of wound care?

The first principle of wound care is the removal of nonviable tissue, including necrotic (dead) tissue, slough, foreign debris, and residual material from dressings.

What are the principles of assessment in relation to wound care in post operative care?

LOL you must be a year 1 nursing student in UWS to ask this question online im doing the assignment now when i find the answer ill pst it up here stay tuned

What is the reeda scale?

A (surgical) wound healing assessment acronym which stands for Redness, Edema, Ecchymosis, Discharge, and Approximation

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The relation between the fact that there was blood everywhere, yet no wound.

What is the principle of accuracy when using aseptic technique in postoperative and thick yellow discharge wound management?

lol at u.

What should you do if more than one wound is found during a quick patient assessment?

Assess both wounds. Assess for blood loss. Treat the most serious wound first. Protect the lesser wound(s) until those can be treated. Transport as soon as safe to do so.

If more than one wound is found in a quick patient assessment which should be treated first?

easy answer: the worst one. more complex answer: evaluate each wound for location, size and impact to life. the small wound over the carotid artery that is spurting blood 10 feet is worse than the big leg wound that is mostly clotted.

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It is based dynamometer principle with ironless motor with a wound armature having a commutator. The two coils are connected in series with supply and armature coil is connected in parallel to it.

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