Common problems of teenagers

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Teenagers face a lot of peer pressure. They feel like they need to conform when presented with alcohol and drugs. They also are pressured to have pre marital sexual relationships.

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Q: Common problems of teenagers
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What are the common problems encountered by teenagers?

Some of the problems that teenagers encounter include drug abuse and early pregnancy. Guidance and counselling can help them steer clear of some vices.

What disease is common in teenagers?

Acne is a common condition in teenagers.

What are common ways teenagers can seek to solve problems they are having with a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Some common ways teenagers can seek to solve problems they are having with a girlfriend or boyfriend might include seeking advice from:your parentsyour older siblingsyour friendsyour pastor"Advice" columnsBooks about dating"Relationship" websitesMost dating and relationship problems are best solved by talking it over with the person.

Why did teenagers join gangs in the 1960?

One of the reason that teenagers joined gangs in the 1960 were because they had family problems or just problems in there life.

Can teenagers get rosacea?

Yes. It is actually VERY common amongst teenagers.

What does Teenagers by Pat Mora mean?

It is a poem that speaks about how teenagers have communication problems with their parents.

What drugs are in common among teenagers today?

marijuana,exstacy,and cocaine are the most common used drug by teenagers

What can you do to help teenagers from committing suicide?

Talk to them about their problems

How the teenagers become a rude person?

the reason they become rude is because of problems they have or because they're teenagers!

Problems Encountered By The Teenagers Nowadays?

Some problems modern teenagers encounter are problems with love, boredom, parents, school assignments and exams, bullying, self image, religion, friends, uncertainty about the future, etc.

Do a lot of teenagers solve their problems with violence?

Yeah, sometimes we do.

Is gum disease common in teenagers?


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