Cause of sharp chest pain

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There could be a few reasons why a person can have chest pains. You could be having gas issues or a heart attack.

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Q: Cause of sharp chest pain
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Sharp pain in chest?

Go to the er......

What will cause sharp pains in the chest?

Hello there are several reasons for this but number one is heart problems. But wait you can also have a asthma attack and have pain in the chest to , and last but not least a anxiety attack will also cause pain in the chest. But do remember that heart pain will also have pain down one arm are the other. Another possible reason is straining of the chest muscles after lifting something heavy. The reattachment of the muscles can cause great pain on your chest near your heart.

Can pleurisy cause back and chest pain?

yes it can cause back and chest pain.

Can stress cause chest pain?

If you already have cardiovascular disease, then yes, stress can cause chest pain, or even a heart attack, so be careful.

Why have you got chest pain on the left side of chest and sharp abdominal pain?

Not sure, had my appendix taken out 11 days ago, have been having chest pain all evening. Left sided, sharp, every 30 minutes or so.

What mechanism behind pain in human body?

pain in ribs sharp, heart, chest

What could be the cause of a sharp pain in the middle of the chest when inhaling?

is the air cold? When I jog in cold weather, inhaling hurts my lungs.

Can a bad tooth cause sharp pain in the head?

Yes, a bad tooth can cause sharp pain in the head.

Can asthma cause chest pain?

Yes, sometimes asthma can cause chest pain. Anytime a person has chest pain, they need to seek emergency treatment from a doctor or ER.

Can gas pain cause chest pain?


What would cause a sharp pain in the middle of the chest underneath the breast plate?

If it feels like the bone is stressed then it's probaly Chronodritis

What does a sharp pain in your chest mean?

It could mean a number ofthings. First, probably the most common is gas. It could maybe mean a heart attack. Does your left arm hurt? If so, it is probably a heart attack. It could also mean you just have a little pain.

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