Can you use opana to detox heroin?

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LOL no!! Suboxone or Methadone are the best bets.

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2010-10-08 02:11:27
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Q: Can you use opana to detox heroin?
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Related questions

Does opana have heroin in it?

No it does not, but I used to prefer Opana to heroin. Opana produces much more of a crisp, clear headed high. You feel clean. Heroin tends to give you a 'cloudy minded' high. Plus you know exactly what you are putting into your body with Opana.(original) No, the active ingredient in Opana is Oxymorphone, a semi-synthetic opiod agonist which, like Heroin and all other drugs in the Opiate family is converted to Morphine by the body once ingested. The potency of Oxymorphone used intravenously however, is very comparable to Heroin.

Does flour and water help heroin detox?


How do you detox heroin out of your body?

you shouldnt do it in the first place.....

How long until you can use heroin after detox?

why would you bother to go through all that detox and wonder when you can use it again? if you were strong enuff to make it through the detox you are strong enough to continue...stay strong!!! this question just made no sense..

How does listerene mouthwash help detox off heroin?

it doesn't.

How can you detox your body from opiates without feeling pain?

if your on heroin then methadone or suboxone.

How would heroin users go about getin help?

A heroin addict can go to the local hospital and detox there. From a detox center, it is highly recommended to continue with residential treatment, then step down to a halfway house and continue with NA or AA meetings.

How many suboxone does it take to withdrawl from Heroin?

The physician or detox facility will know that. Let them decide.

Will opana show up on a standard 4 pannel drug test?

The standard -4- panel drug test will scan for "opiates". Yes, Opana will be recognized. Opana is a semi-synthetic narcotic(oxymorphone HCL). It will show positive just like Morphine, Dilaudid, Heroin, codeine and lortab(Vicodin).

How does heroin effect your health?

Heroin negatively affects your health because it is a highly addictive drug. It is extremely hard to detox and takes a long time to leave the system.

Where can one find a list of heroin detox centers?

One can find a list of local drug rehabilitation and detox centers in their yellow pages. There are websites that will list drug detox centers near your location, including the Sober website.

Can you get pregnant while you are on heroin?

YES. And if you find yourself pregnant and on heroin, it is imperative you speak with a professional to plan a course of action. Detox, if done improperly, has potential to kill the fetus.

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