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yes. but drugs are bad unless prescribed by a doctor.

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Q: Can you take two narcotics at the same time?
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Can you take peroocet with Tylenol 3?

That would be most unwise, as they are two different narcotics. Mixing narcotics can have unpredictable (sometimes fatal) results.

Can you take Wellbutrin chantix at same time?

NO These two drugs are chemically the same thing. You do not need to take them at the same time.

Is Percocet and Roxy the same thing?

kinda but they are in different classes of narcotics and roxys are the stronger of the two

Can you take two English classes at the same time?

Yes, you can take two English classes at at a time if the school permits it.

Can the police go to school and be a police at the same time?

Yes, but the two take up A LOT of time. Its not wise to take on two such demanding, physically and mentally, activities at the same time.

Can you take celebrex at same time as paracetamol?

No, you do not want to take two pain killers at the same time without asking your doctor.

An unexpected effect that occurs when you take to two drugs at same time is called?

An unexpected effect that occurs when you take to two drugs at same time is called a drug interaction.

How do you take two moshlings for a walk at the same time?

you can't

Can you take oxycodone with aripiprazole?

Do these two medicines interact? CAn you take both of them at the same time?

How can you take out the 4-6 split?

Take two balls and throw them at the same time.... ;-)

Can you take adderall xr and regular adderall?

It is possible to take both at the same time, and some people do take two at the same time. Speaking to a doctor would be best.

Would it be cheaper for you to take one friend to the movies twice - or two friends at the same time?

2 friends at the same time.

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