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Yes my friend smoke 12 hours before his mouth swab test using listerine but results may vary.

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Q: Can you pass a mouth swab drug test using listerine?
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How can you pass a saliva swab drug test?

Listerine mouth strips.... works every time

Will listerine help to pass a saliva drug test?

can listerine strips help me pass a saliva drug test

Can you pass a swab drug test with listerine strips?

no you cant

Can you pass a saliva drug test if you smoke a little marijuana 4 days before?

I know my son passed one after he rinsed his mouth with peroxide and Listerine mouth wash.

What over the counter mouthwashes are best to pass a saliva drug test?

Listerine but then youll fail for alcohol

Does gargling Listerine help you pass a swab drug test?

No but it will make your breath minty fresh for the technician when they do.

Does using peroxide or mouthwash beat a saliva drug test?

I don't know about peroxide or mouthwash? What I have used in the past is listerine strips. Put one under your tongue and a couple in surrounding areas of your mouth. This has worked everytime. They are very easy tests to pass. Good luck :)

Can you pass a saliva drug test by putting a penny in your mouth the same day as the test?

Will I pass my drug test by pitting a penny in my mouth

Will gargaling with bleach help pass a swab drug test?

No, if it doesn't kill you it will make you sick and could burn the soft tissue in your mouth. Stop using if you want to pass a drug test.

What does it mean to foam out the mouth and pass out?

drug overdose

Will month wash help you pass a swab drug test?

Listerine for at least 2 minutes just before the swab.

How do you pass swab drug test on painkillers?

Now you can pass mouth swab drug test just you need to consult with Mouth Swab Drug Tests that gives you a proper trick to pass the test. You can check here

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