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Q: Can you get pregnant from wearing your boyfriends underwear?
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Can you get pregnant if the penis was not all the way inside?

Yes, even if your underwear was on, you can still get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you're wearing basketball shorts but your boyfriend is in his boxers but then you feel cum on his boxers?

No, you can't. Unless he was inside of you or came on your vagina with no pants on, you're not going to get pregnant.

Should you wear underwear with pajamas?

Ideally no, however, a person can wear underwear depending on whether they are excreting below, in some shape or form such as wet dreams or period blood. Depends on personal choice if you want to wear underwear do. I'm a boy of 13 and I always wear briefs under my pajamas. They are helpful if you have wet dreams, but they're also good for keeping you comfortable. I sleep better knowing everything's tucked in. Obviously put clean ones on before school the next day though! studies have shown that going without underwear improves sleeping habits, because it is more comfortable, and you feel more independent and free. Scientists monitoring dreams found that people wearing underwear are 5% more likely to get bad dreams about going somewhere naked (although this is slightly ironic.) Studies also show that you are 99% more likely to have a baby if you aren't wearing underwear then if you are. Hope this helps! :)

Is it wrong for your son to walk around in his underwear even though he's 23 and have his penis out in front of his mom and or sister?

Yes it is. It's very disrespectful. It's their home too and they should have the choice whether they have to look at him naked or not. He's not a child anymore. Wearing underwear when home alone just family is one thing but naked? No.

An elderly male patient occasionally wets his trousers. What should the home health PCA do?

Encourage him to go to the bathroom and these every 2 hours

Related questions

Can you get pregnant from wearing your boyfriends underwear that had sperm in them but has been washed?

If the sperm is fresh yes. If the sperm is old no.

Can a girl get pregnant if she's not wearing underwear and the guy is wearing underwear?

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

Can you get pregnant if a boy is wearing underwear and your not?

If his sperm/semen comes in to contact with your vagina, you can get pregnant.

Can virgin get pregnant with clothes on?

If she is wearing a dress and no underwear, yes. If she has underwear on, no? so basically if you have no underwear on your screwed? and you have a 50% chance?

Can you get a girl pregnant if you're both wearing underwear?

Yes. Underwear is porous enough for the semen to go through it.

If a girl and guy wearing underwear and guys sperm come out in his underwear and it touches girls underwear and then guy do fingering through her underwear will girl get pregnant?

yes the girl will get pregnant if sperm gets intoher vagina

Can a women get pregnant from wearing underwear that a man just wore?

To Be honest Yes it is.

Can a girl get pregnant if her bf burst out on his short and she sits on it wearing her underwear?

yes, there is a chance

Can a girl get pregnant if she wasn't wearing underwear and i was wearing spandix?

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

Can a girl get pregnant by her brother wearing her underwear?

No. Sperm cannot survive outside the body for long

Can you get a pregnant if you and your boyfriend wearing panties and underwear?

yes, you Could, it's unlikely, however the sperm could go through both panties and underwear and into the Vagina and get some one pregnant, again unlikely.

You had your underwear pants and one hankerchief below it and you ejaculated and your girlfriend also had her jeans and underwear are there any chances of pregnancy your underwear and pants got wet?

No. The sperm needs to be in contact with her vagina, unless she was wearing your underwear she is not pregnant.

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