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Yes, you can get pregnant in any point of the menstrual cycle. When your on your period, a week before, etc. You are most likely to get pregnant when your ovulating, which I think is a week or two before you come on your period.

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2010-11-25 12:58:31
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Q: Can you get pregnant a week before you menstruate?
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Can you get pregnaut a week before your period then miss it?

Yes, of course if you were to get pregnant you'd not menstruate. Menstruation only occurs when you don't get pregnant.

What if you get pregnant a few days before your period?

This makes no sense - you only menstruate if you don't fall pregnant. It's also unlikely you'd be fertile so close to when you were due to menstruate.

Can you have your menstrual cycle and have a miscarriage at the same time?

No. Before you menstruate you ovulate and you don't do that when you are pregnant.

Does a woman Menstruate whiles Pregnant?


When youre pregnant and your period come on and the blood be bubbly means?

If you were pregnant then you wouldn't menstruate at all. Menstruation only occurs if there is no pregnancy, if you menstruate you're not pregnant.

Can someone who menstruate for 3days get pregnant?


Can you be pregnant five days into your period?

It is biologically impossible to menstruate if you were pregnant.

Can 12 year old girls be pregnant?

If she's old enough to menstruate she can get pregnant. If the timing is "right" she can get pregnant on her first cycle, that is, right before she sees the menstrual flow.

Can a girl who has not stated her period get pregnant?

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex,she can potentially get pregnant.

Can you pregnant after a week your period?

You can pregnant at anytime before after or during

Will you still menstruate if you got pregnant 2 days before your period?

I think so but I'm wondering the same Thing

Can you get your period if your 1 weeks pregnant?

No, you can't get your period if you are a week pregnant. It is not possible to menstruate while you're pregnant, but you can bleed for several reasons - if you do experience bleeding during pregnancy it could be miscarriage so talk to your doctor.

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