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Yes, you only need one testicle to produce sperm.

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Q: Can you get a girl pregnant with one testicle?
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Which testicle gets you pregnant?

Either testicle is capable of getting a female pregnant. Even a male with only one testicle can get a female pregnant.

Is one Testicle for a boy and one testicle for a girl?

No, both testicles do the same job, they aren't differentiated in any way.

Can my 12 year old chihuahua with one testicle get my 6 month old pregnant?

Just as a human male with only one testicle is capable of producing sperm - then so is a dog !

Can a girl get in trouble for busting a guys testicle?

Only one way to find out.

Dog with one testacial breeding?

Yes, I think he can get a female dog pregnant with 1 testicle.

Can men with one testicle still have babies?

Yes, as long as they still produce sperm, they can get a woman pregnant.

Can you reproduce with one testicle?

Yes, as long as the testicle is functioning properly then you can reproduce with one testicle.

What if a man with one ball have a woman pregnant?

i think you meant to ask "what if a man with one ball got a women pregnant?" you must be very potent then sir. congrats! Edit: I'm quite sure that if someone has a testicle removed, the other testicle works in overdrive in a sense. It wouldn't be very surprising to be able to get someone pregnant.

Does darcy have one testicle?

Yes, he has only one testicle.

How smerm does it take to get a girl pregnant?

It takes one sperm cell to get a girl pregnant

Can you have a baby with one broken testicle and one fine testicle?

yes you can (I did)

Can a male dog with only one testicle get a female dog pregnant?

Yes....I had a boxer that did so several times.yes ,but it will pass it on

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