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Q: Can you clean ears with peroxide?
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What is neo blastoma?

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears?

What is a neo blastoma?

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears?

How do you clean stretched ears?

you can clean them with a qtip and peroxide, or with antibacterial soap and warm water.

What are theSide effects for cleaning out ears everyday with hydrogen peroxide?

dont clean ur ears everyday , do it every week becauseif u clean ur ears, then there is no protection against bacteries,dust,dirt and stuff

Can you put alcohol and peroxide in ears?

yes you can apply both on the ears but i wouldn't recommend putting peroxide inside the ears

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide in bellingham whashington?

Plz ask for liquid to clean ears. you will be given Hydrogen peroxide IP. Since, your question wasnt clear as to what the purpose was, I presume, I answered you right?

Can you put hydrogen peroxide in your dog's ears?

You could, but i wouldn't recommend it. Repeated use of hydrogen peroxide can irritate your dog's ears.

Write any three uses of hydrogen peroxide?

Antiseptic Cleans wax from ears Use to clean teeth Use in fertilizer mixtures

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for ears?


Can i use alcohol to clean newly pierced ears?

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. You never want to use peroxide or alcohol on a piercing. Sea Salt Soaks are ideal.

Pimple inside ear benzol peroxide?

Products containing benzoyl peroxide are made for pimples. The active ingredients will dry up the pimple, causing it to disappear. Keep your ears clean with an astringent to reduce the oil buildup.

Can you put peroxide in dogs ears?

yes u can

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