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Q: Can you become pregnant if you are virgin and you and your boyfriend were not having any clothes on and rubbing vagina and penis but penis did not get hard enough to insert vagina?
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Will i become pregnant if i kiss my boyfriend on his lips french kiss?

Definitely not.

If you are on top riding your boyfriend do you get pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant. You can be hanging from the ceiling, the position does not matter. If you do not wish to become pregnant, do not have sex.

Explain why clothes dried in a dryer often stick together?

It's called 'static electricity' ... certain fabrics are attracted to each other. This is because some of the clothes have gained electrons by rubbing against other clothes. The clothes losing electrons become positive. The negative clothes are attracted to the positive clothes.

Can pregnancy be caused by rubbing genitals?

If the male ejaculates while the penis is near the vagina it would be possible but not likely for the girl to become pregnant.

Your boyfriend came inside of you twice on two different days after your period could you be pregnant?

Of course you can be anytime you have unprotected sex you may become pregnant.

Me and my boyfriend didnt intercourse but his semen release and i had my period next day can i become pregnant?

It's very unlikely but if you do not wish to become pregnant you should always use a condom and/or a reliable birth control method.

Can a 13 old go live with her 17 old boyfriend when she is pregnant?

no it is not right because yhan you might become pregnet again

If your boyfriend smokes weed can he get you pregnant?

Honey any man with sperm can get you pregnant, But smokign weed does sometimes cause sperm count to become low and not active. Try asking a doctor.

Can you become pregnant if you have got you period but your boyfriend ejactulates?

Yes. If the egg cell (one gets released from your ovaries every month) hasn't come out with the blood yet, you can still get pregnant.

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if your boyfriend is a heavy smoker drinker and pothead?

The same as anyone else's. If you do not wish to become pregnant always use a condom and/or a reliable form of birth control.

Was Vanessa Hudgen Pregnant?

No! She was never pregnant, they were all rumours! Why do you people always believe rumours about fake things! And she won't become pregnant as she doesn't have a boyfriend or a husband as her and Zac broke up last December!

Why cricket players are rubbing the ball to their clothes?

they rubbb the ball only one side by this one side become heavy than second side so ball is swing due to this

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