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They can burrow into the human flesh leaving an air hole to breath out of. There are lots of cases of humans having maggots under their flesh, normally from a wound on their flesh.

NO...maggots need air to live

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Q: Can maggots live in the human body?
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Is it true that the human body will not be eaten by maggots when buried in a cemetery?

No, it is not true.

Does the body turn into maggots?

No, maggots are young flies. Flies lay eggs in the body that hatch into maggots and the maggots eat the body as they grow.

How do you kill maggots that are inside the human body?

Drink a gallon of bleach. The downside to this is that it kills the human too. The upside is that it will kill the maggots, and make the morticians job much easier.

How do you kill maggots that are in a human body?

Pick them out one at a time & eat them with a nice red wine

How do maggots get into a dead body where there are no flies?

If there are no flies then there will be no maggots. No flies, no eggs, no maggots.

Are you born with maggots in your body?

We are born with parasites, not maggots.

What are leeches and maggots and where do they live?

Leeches are blood sucking parasites, they are normally found in body's of fresh water. Maggots are fly larvae they can be found in rotting food or carcases ( like a dead body, maggots can be found where flys have laid eggs), an example is maggots can found in cans of raw mushrooms.

What harm can a maggot do in a human body?

Maggots generally doesn't do anything harmful to the human body. Maggots ONLY eat dead flesh and try its best to keep away from clean flesh. If you find maggots in your home, i'd advise you to leave em there until they grow up to grown adult flies and leave your house. I say again, they will not harm you.

Can maggots live in a dishwasher?


What is the natural habitat of maggot?

Some maggots such as housefly maggots prefer decomposing meat or flesh. Although some maggots live in decomposing logs or trees. These are just a few places where maggots live.

Where are maggots found?

Maggots are found on any decomposing body. They are found about everywhere.

Where maggots found?

Maggots are found on any decomposing body. They are found about everywhere.

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