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It would be very unusual if you did become pregnant. There have been rare instances when cut and tied tubes have reunited, so anything is always possible in nature.

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Q: Can i get pregnant after a year i got my tubes tide n burned the ends of it?
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How does the tubes are tide?

14 years in my tubes are tide can i get pregnant

Done two pregnant tests and are poseve but tubes are tide?

are the pregant tests tubes accurate?

Preganacy after tide fallopien?

yes there's always the possibility of you getting pregnant. Bu if you think you are go get tested then you might want to untie your tubes. (cut and Burned)

Is it possible to have a miscarriage after tubes tide or cut?

is it possible to get pregnant after tubligation

If you had your tubes cut tide and burned can you get a reversal?

Yes, reversal surgery is an option, there are no guarantees of pregnancy.

You feel pregnant and your tube are tide?

Do you suppose to feel sick when your tubes are tied

What are some signs of pregnancy if your tubes are tide?

If your tubes are tied the chances of you becoming pregnant is absolutely zero, as the egg will not meet the sperm.

What can you take to help you get pregnant while tubes tide clipped and burned?

There is no medicine for this. All they can do is try a reversal if that would work in your case. Every case is individual and a tubal is usually considered a permanent solution.

Can you get pregnant after your tubes been tide after 6 years havent been feeling good but wondering?

Yes, you can get pregnant after your tubes are tied. I had my tubes tied 6 years ago during the birth of my son, I had a c-section. SURPRISE , I had signs of being pregnant. I thought oh this is not possible, Its possible !!!!

What are the odds of getting pregnant 20 years after having your tubes tide?

Slim but there are cases where they slip out and become active once again

Have any ever gave birth to a child with their tubes being tide?

Yes, it's possible to get pregnant and deliver a baby after tubal ligation.

How old do you have to be to get your tubes tide?

7 years old.

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