Can girls grow tall after 18 years of age?

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Most certainly, albeit height growth spurts in girls usually occur at an earlier age. Remeber that you aren't really done growing until your late 20's. I wouldn't expect a whole foot, but a few inches are certainly possible.

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Q: Can girls grow tall after 18 years of age?
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How tall do you grow each month?

It varies on age and person. Girls stop growing at the age of 18.

What age girls armpit hair started?

13 years age, soon after breast buds have begun to grow.

The three times when you grow?

Growth spurt 1: Girls (age 8-9), Boys (age 9-10). In 2 years you grow 4 or 5 inches. Then for a couple of years you go back to growing normally (1.5 inches a year) Growth spurt 2: Girls (age 11-12), Boys (age 12-13). In 2-3 years you grow 4 or 5 inches. Then you go straight into the third, massive growth spurt Growth spurt 3: Girls (age 14-17), Boys (age 15-21). In that time you grow at a rate of between 2.5 and 4.5 inches a year. That's how 5ft tall boys grow to be 6ft5

How tall will a male grow to be if he is 165 m tall at 20 years of age?

he will probably not grow more. if so, just a couple of inches, tops.

How tall will a female be if she is 165m tall at 15 years of age?

She won't grow up anymore if she doesn't play volleyball.

Until what age do girls grow taller?

girls grow taller until they are 21

How tall will a male grow if he is 5 feet 7 inches tall an fourteen years of age?

Probably over 6 foot.

How tall will a male grow to be if he is 5 feet 6 inches tall at twenty years of age?

Growth stops at puberty, so he has reached his full height by that age.

If you are a 5'6 tall female at age 15 how tall will you be at age 21?

Well, girls usually stop getting taller on 14 or 15 years age. But if you want to get taller, you can play volleyball.

At what age armpit hair grow for girls?

Underarm hair begins to grow at around the age of 11-16 years old. Everyone develops differently and at different times.

How long will a girl grow?

By age 13 or 14, most girls are within one inch of their final height. Growth continues slowly until about age 16 for most girls. A few extremely tall girls will continue after these ages.

Are there tall girls who go through puberty at the age of 10?

Yes, it is possible. Though puberty in girls start at 11-12 , some may start at 10 years of age.

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