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Yes eating paper can cause various health problems. Eating paper can cause stomach damage among other internal body problems.

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Q: Can eating paper cause health problems?
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Does eating tissue paper cause health problems?


What happens if you eat an a4 piece of paper?

It will eventually cause digestive problems. Paper is not for eating.

What health problems can be caused by eating toilet paper?

It depends on whow much you eat and why do eat.If you eat regularly it means you are mad!Little bit of white paper taken may not cause any problem...

Is eating computer paper bad for you?

Eating computer paper is not injurious to your health but since human digestive system can't digest cellulose fiber (main ingredient of paper), it will not provide any calorific value.

Effects of eating paper?

You can get sick, you will get no nutrients, it is dangerous, and it can cause stomach pains.

Does eating tissue paper make you feel full?

No, but eating non-food items can be bad for your health and digestive system and a sign of an eating disorder known as pica.

Can eating toilet paper cause harm while pregnant?

i dont no but that is nasty why would you do that

Can you die from eating paper towels?

Yes, the cellulose in the paper can clog up your small intestine and cause your feces to exit you genitailia

What health problems did William Wilberforce have?

I am doing a paper for William Wilberforce.......and I have no clue at all what some problems were with him that he had to fight.....Any help at all..??

Is it ok for guinea pigs to nibble on a paper bag?

Yes. An ordinary brown or white paper bag will cause no problems.

Is eating toilet paper bad for you?

Eating toilet paper in small amounts is okay. If you eat a lot of it though, it can cause internal blockage. Then, you have to undergo emergency surgery. If the surgery fails, it is fatal.

Can a person clog a toilet?

Too much toilet paper will definitely cause problems.

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