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Yes, you can breathe in substances that have aerosolized around you (such as when people are smoking methamphetamine, marijuana, or cocaine). While the amounts that you inhale are usually much smaller, they can affect you if you are around it long enough.

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While it is theoretically possible that this could happen, it is rather unlikely. In order for this to occur, the bystander must be exposed to a fairly substantial amount of the drug. This could occur if the methamphetamine was vaporized and not inhaled, thus allowing it to escape into the air. Unless someone was close to the source and/or exposed over a long period of time, residual vapor would not be enough to produce a positive result on a drug test. However, if any stimulant effects were noticed by the person receiving the second-hand dose, then they would probably test positive if the test was done in a few days.

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No. That being said, you're probably still better off not hanging around that person.

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Q: Can drugs get in your system if you are around someone who is smoking meth or cocaine?
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Is marijuana in your system if someone around you is smoking?

Yes it can be inhaled (Passive smoking) and get into your system

Can you get methamphetamine in your system if someone around you is smoking it?

Yes, being in close contact with someone who is smoking meth can leave it in your system, & you can be tested positive for it.

Can the fumes of cocaine get into your system?

Cocaine is generally snorted which does not produce any fumes. However, crack cocaine is smoked and being in a room with someone smoking crack could cause a contract "high". Cocaine Hydrochloride is very dangerous and should be avoided.

Does crack cocaine get in your system if you are around someone cooking it?

it depends if the smoke is hitting you or not. if it does, then yes its possible.

Can you get crack cocaine in your system from smoking a cigarette after someone who used the substance and if no is there somewhere that proves it a factual false?

No. Not unless there's crack in the smoke for some reason.

If someone using cocaine kisses you does it get in your system?

No. Cocaine can only enter into a person's body through snorting it (inhaling it through the nose), smoking it, or injecting it. Cocaine does not enter into a person's bloodstream through close bodily contact with someone who has recently used it. Cocaine enters the bloodstream very quickly when it is inhaled; it goes directly to the brain. It also exits the body very quickly; the cocaine "high" lasts only about 20 minutes. The only way a urine sample can be positive for cocaine is if it is directly put into the body by smoking it, snorting it or injecting it.

How can cocaine get in your system without directly taking it or smoking it?

If you accidentally get some on you, it will, to a small extent, pass directly through your skin and into your system, particularly if you are sweating so that it becomes damp. It will pass more rapidly through mucous membranes, which is why it is often snorted, and why it was originally chewed (as coca leaves). If you are in a confined space where someone else is smoking it, you will get some cocaine from the "sidestream smoke" that they exhale.

If you made out with someone smoking weed would it be in your system.?


Can you get marijuana in blood system if someone is smoking it?


Does cocain get in your system if someone cooks it?

Cocaine will get in your system whether or not it is cooked. This isn't something you want to ingest.

Can second hand cocaine smoke show up positive?

If cocaine enters your system in any way, yes there is a possiblility it will be detected in your urine. If you are concerned enough to ask in this online environment, I would not recommend being around anyone who is smoking it nor would I participate in its' consumption.

How can babies develop smoking-related respiratory problems?

When a pregnant mother smokes, or is around any kind of smoke. When some on is smoking around a baby causes Second hand smoke. Large forest fires really mess with everyones respiratory system.