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yes i take it. 100mg traz twice a day and 250mg depakote twice a day

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โˆ™ 2011-03-10 02:47:42
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Q: Can depakote and trazodone be taken together?
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Can you take Cymbalta and depakote together?

Can Cymbalta and Depakote be taken together?

Can zoloft abilify Wellbutrin and trazodone be taken together?


Can Cymbalta and depakote be taken together?

Yes my husband takes them together.

Can Benadryl and trazodone be taken together?

No, There is moderate interaction between two

Can you take Ibuprofen and depakote together?

Yes, ibuprofen can be taken in conjunction with Depakote as long as it is an over the counter brand. If it is an ibuprofen that is mixed with a form of narcotic pain medication, it can not be taken with Depakote.

Abilify and depakote together?

Abilify and Depakote are both medicines taken for depression and anxiety. These two medications should probably not be taken together since they can cause amplified side effects.

If risperdal and depakote are taken together can that cause acid reflux?

yes it can

Should depakote be taken in the morning or at night?

should depakote be taken at morning or night

Can you take Strattera and depakote together?

Can you take strattera and depakote together?

Can depakote be taken as a pill for anxiety?

No, depakote has no effect on anxiety.

Can valproic acid and depakote be taken together?

Yes, but I am not sure why one would as active ingredient is same.

Difference between depakote ER and EC?

Depakote EC is enteric coated Depakote, which must be taken in multiple doses daily. Depakote ER is extended release Depakote, which can be taken once daily, and usually requires a dose increase of 8-20% compared with Depakote EC.

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