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Yes, an insurance company can legally deny covering prescription medication if they find that it isn't unnecessary. Sometimes this happens when the insurance company feels like the diagnoses is wrong, or the medicine is inappropriate.

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Q: Can an insurance company legally deny a prescription prescribed by your doctor?
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Can prescription drugs be ordered on-line without a prescription?

* Not legally.

How can you legally carry prescription drugs without the original container?

Check your local laws.

How long are prescribed drugs legal to take?

The prescription will specify the time period; if not, it's "until they run out" (note that they should be discarded once they reach their expiration date, but this is for health rather than legal reasons). If you keep getting prescriptions, you can take them essentially as long as you live. There's no hard and fast time limit like "you can only take Vicodin for three years, and then it becomes illegal." The fact that a physician must prescribe them for you is considered a sufficient restriction against abuse. Note that a physician may not be able to supply you with an open-ended prescription (i.e. "refill as needed"), but you don't really need to worry about that; it's the physicians job to limit the number of refills. You take the prescribed drugs as Directed by your physician with any advice from your pharmacist. All prescription medications should be appropriately discarded a year after being filled unless otherwise stated. But legally if you possess a validly filled prescription you can legally take it.

Why cant you eat when you are high on crystal meth?

It is an appetite supressant that's why it is sometimes legally prescribed as a "last resort" to treat obesity.

Can I take Tylenol 325 Mg with Hydromorphone 2mg?

If your doctor wrote you a prescription for it, he felt it was safe for you to take it. However, hydromorphone is a controlled substance. If you are taking it without a prescription, you are taking it illegally. The only way you can legally take this medication is for it to be written for you by a doctor that has already reviewed your specific case. If you have it legally, then your doctor has already told you that you can take it.

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Do you have to get prescribed codeine?

To own it legally you do. But if you find somebody who will sell you some when you dont have a prescription it is illegal.

Can you get legally oxycodone and state of Florida?

The only way to legally get oxycodone or any other prescription medication in the state of Florida is to have it prescribed by a doctor.

Can is till pass a drug screen if you are legally prescribed adderall?

You have prescription speed in you, no you will not pass a drug test. But, the fact it is legally prescribed to you won't make a negative difference in the outcome of failing the drug test.

Why is rohypnol illegal?

Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam) can be legally prescribed as a hypnotic. It is illegal for non-prescription use, like most other prescription products, because there is potential for abuse and misuse.

Can you order pain pills off the internet without a prescription from an overseas pharmacy?

No, not legally without a prescription. Even then, you should familiarize yourself with laws and what your insurance will cover.

Is it illegal to be prescribed drugs in another state?

No, as long as your doctor is legally permitted to practice medicine, your prescription should be valid across state lines.

Who can be legally added to company health insurance?

the new born child in the family

Can you get auto insurance in NJ if you live in ny?

not legally, if they find out your address is wrong the insurance company can deny a claim

Can a doctor write a prescription for a patient he never met with?

Legally it is possible, morally and ethically, probably not. Insurance wise it would be stupid.

Where do you get prescription medications without prescription from doctor?

Legally, you don't.

Can prescription drugs be ordered on-line without a prescription?

* Not legally.

Can you legally buy suboxone online with out a prescription?

No, you can not legally buy suboxone without a prescription. Even when purchased online, you will need to have a prescription from a doctor to obtain the drug.

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