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Methadone is what gives a positive result for methamphetamine on drug tests.

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Q: Can adderall show up as meth in a blood test?
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What does crystal meth and adderall show up on a drug test as?

Drug tests will test for meth, not simply amphetamines, so one cannot use the excuse of adderall if they fail for meth.

Does adderall show up as meth in a hair test?

yes it does for sure

Does adderall show on cbc blood test?

A CBC is a complete blood count test. Adderall will show on this test, but it is not what the doctors are looking into.

Will Vyvanse show up in a urine test as meth?

no it will show up as an amphetamine so will adderall or adderall xr and conserta

Will meth show up as adderall in drug test?

Adderall is of the amphatamine family and if being tested for drugs and are taking adderall you will test positive for amphatamines.

Bad drug test from taking adderall and Claritin-d?

yes adderall will show up as meth!!

Can they detect the diffirence in meth and adderall on a drug test?

Yes they can. Adderall is an amphetamine and it does show up differently then methamphetamine. And the amounts will be a lot lower most likely with adderall then what would show up for meth.

Do crystal meth and adderall show up the same in a drug test?


Does adderall show up as meth on a drug test?

I am not sure if it will show up as meth on a drug test but it most definitely show up as something. Be sure to bring your bottle with you when you go for your drug test.

Does adderall show up as meth on drug test?

yes it shows up as methamphetamine....

Does Adderall show up as an amphetamine in a drug test?

Yes, it shows up as meth.

If you have adderall in your system and your urine sits for 4 days before tested for drugs can it test positive for meth?

It depends on the drug screen. If the drug screen is simply checking for "amphetamines", then meth and Adderall will both show up as amphetamines. However, many tests will distinguish between meth and amphetamines, and in this case, Adderall should test as an amphetamine while meth should test as meth.

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