Can a man without testicle get a woman pregnant?

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yes, many time

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Q: Can a man without testicle get a woman pregnant?
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Can a man with low sperm count and a single testicle get a woman pregnant?

well you can but you will have to go hard out

How can a man get a woman pregnant?

Have sex with her without a condom.

What if a man with one ball have a woman pregnant?

i think you meant to ask "what if a man with one ball got a women pregnant?" you must be very potent then sir. congrats! Edit: I'm quite sure that if someone has a testicle removed, the other testicle works in overdrive in a sense. It wouldn't be very surprising to be able to get someone pregnant.

How can a man become a father with one testicle?

Have sex with a woman. One is enough.

How do you punctuate a woman without her man is nothing?

A woman, without her, man is nothing. or A woman without her man, is nothing.

Why do female duck not lay egg without male duck?

the same reason for why a woman doesn't get pregnant without a man.

Do you have to have a man to get pregnant?

In order for a woman to get pregnant, she must have sperm from a man.

How do you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

What are the symptoms of a man when a woman is pregnant?

Nothing. Men do not have symptoms when a woman is pregnant.

How can I change the meaning of this sentence Woman without her man is nothing Focusing on the man?

Woman. Without her, man is nothing. Woman without her man, is nothing.

Can breaking of hymen causes pregnancy?

When breaking the hymen with sexual intercourse between a man and a woman it is possible for the woman to become pregnant. Keep in mind that whenever you have sexual intercourse without protection(between a man and woman) there is always the possiblity that you may get pregnant.

Who was the first man to get pregnant?

there is no possible way for a man to get pregnant, as a man doesn't have a uterus. if "he" does have a uterus, then "he" is a woman.

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