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No, Zantac (ranitidine) is a histamine 2 blocker. Meth is short for methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Zantac will not cause a positive test for amphetamines.

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Q: Can Zantac 150 show a positive drug test for meth?
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Will zantac 150 show up as a false positive for meth?


What can show positive as meth on a drug test?


Will Zantac show up as meth on a mouth swab?

It shouldn't do. Zantac is in no way chemically similar to meth.

Will zantac 75 show a positive drug test?

i take zantac 75 and recently took a drug test and tested positive for meth, i have never done meth nor do i want to....Look ,I absolutely know that zantac will cause a false positive for meth! I just failed a drug screen,but if you do so on a "field test" you should require a lab analysis. The enzyme multiple immunoassay test (EMIT) are used and relied on even though the list of everyday OTC meds that can cause false + results are staggering. Watch Yourself!I looked on many websites, and they all said that Zantac will cause a false positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine Check them out, they're interesting:

Can morphine show up on a drug test as a positive for meth?

No, they are a different drug classes, metabolites ,etc.. Morphine will show positive for opiates, meth - for methamphetamine / amphetamines.

What medicine will show positive for meth on a drug test?


Will hydrocodone show up positive for meth on a drug test?

No, but it will show up positive for opiates, (heroin).

Will any other drug show a positive for meth?

MDMA (Ecstasy)

Would methotrexate show positive for meth in a urine drug screen?


Will adipex show up on as meth on a drug test?

it will show up as a false positive

Will vicodin test positive for meth on a drug test?

No, vicodin is an opiate and would not show up positive on a test for meth which is an amphetamine.

Can you fail a drug test for meth using zantac?

No, there is no way possible to fail a drug test for meth. We jsut came out with a new test and we are working on ones for other common types of drugs. - - - - - Don't listen to that guy. Zantac (ranitidine) WILL GIVE A FALSE POSITIVE ON A DIP STICK METH TEST. US Drug Testing and the University of California at Santa Barbara both confirm that Zantac will cross-react with the meth instant test. It's the only drug that cross-reacts that isn't some form of amphetamine. Those dip-stick tests are screening tests; anything that comes up hot is supposed to be sent out for GC/MS confirmation. When you put this in a GC/MS machine it will show up as Zantac and you'll be okay.

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