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">Actually you seem lacking in knowledge for someone who's been practicing for 20 years. I disagree with many of the answers to this post. To answer this best, I think that it's important to understand the theory behind what causes ADHD. To simplify one of the main theories, it is believed that ADHD is connected Dopamine and Dopamine production. The theory suggests that those who suffer from ADHD have abnormally low levels of Dopamine (as well as other neurotransmitters). ADHD patients are prescribed Adderall in order to increase dopamine production. Ritalin and other similar medications inhibit the reuptake of dopamine.

That being said prolonged use of the medications could cause issues for those without ADHD, as they would be operating with higher than average levels of these neurotransmitters. Any time you are forcing your body to operate in a way that it isn't intended to, you run a risk. ADHD patients taking this medication are in a different category however. In these patients the medication normalizes these neurotransmitters.

Think about it like this. You have two people, one of which has a normal metabolism and the other has a very high metabolism. If they both go out to a restaurant, the one with the high metabolism has to eat more to be full and keep their body fueled and running optimally. The person with the normal metabolism wouldn't want to eat as much as their friend, as they would become overweight. Someone with ADHD needs to medication to regulate their neurotransmitters and keep their mind running optimally. Someone without ADHD taking this medication doesn't need this help, so the medication could cause damage to their system.

PartialIf absolutely nothing else, it can be confidently stated that Adderall and other stimulant based ADHD medications do in fact adjust your "hedonistic calibration." This adjustment by itself, at least in my opinion (studies support my opinion, too lazy to link) can definitely make your ADHD worse.

i think its possible, because excessive amounts of dopamine burn out other cell receptors, leading to cell loss, and eventual brain damage, making it even harder to concentrate and focus later in life. dopamine is needed to focus, but taking a medication to stimulate dopamine activity is not natural, and it will do more bad then good, in the long run. its this: If your house is cold, would you burn the furniture in your house, to make it warm? not that im against medication, its just that there are always other options to solving a problem.

I started taking stimulant medication since I was in 8'th grade. My senior year I started taking too much of it because I wanted to prevent the emotional down that happens when it wears off. My doctor got scared that I would start abusing it, or that I aleady was, so she has been taking me off of it slowly since then. By my third year in college I was almost completely off of adderall. My life was more awful the less I took, because I no longer knew how to deal with having ADD symptoms. I have just got a new doctor and am going back onto adderall again. I'm not sure if my ADD is worse. I don't think it is but I could be wrong. I think it's just that I'm not used to having to contain and control the problems that come with having ADD. If I hadn't taken the medication until now, I would have probably learned how to deal with my symptoms better than I am able today. Some people even say that you can train your brain to not even have symptoms, expecially during your youth. (Biofeedback might help with training your brain as well). By taking pills that took away my ADD problems, I didn't have to learn meathods of dealing, and I didn't have to train my brain. Thus I missed out on making my ADD better. But I don't think the ADD is any worse than it used to be; I just have to re-learn selfrestraint. I also don't think that you could ever train your brain completely to have no ADD problems. My boyfriend has ADD but was never given medication for it. While he can deal with his ADD better than I could right now off my pills, his symptoms by no means have disapeared. Plus I have met several adults who have never gotten treatment and are still haveing big problems. If I could do it all again I would have taken stimulants even earlier in life. It has turned my life around. Stimulants have enabled me to preform better in school. For the first time in my life I actually got A's and B's. I started taking better care of myself because they motivated me to be more productive. I don't know if I could have ever made it into college if I didn't have adderall or other stimulants. When I have the right medication, I can major in anything I want--even subjects that require a lot of work. Otherwise I would have to major in something that didn't require a lot of attention, like art, or hospitality management. One of my friends who has not received any treatment was trying a difficult major and he is now 26 and only a junior because he has had to repeat classes. He is not dumb at all; he just can't concentrate on anything. I learned from doctors that people who don't treat ADD also can have problems with depression too, which I have seen examples of in some of my friends with ADD. If you are willing to be on medication for maybe even your whole life, it would definitely improve your life. If you are not willing and you still take meds, when you come off your meds, it will be a lot harder to deal with it than it would have been. However, you would have the benefit of having a more productive life for the period that you were on meds.

I've been taking either Ritalin or Dexedrine for 15 years. My ADD isn't worse. I've had more symptoms of old age pop in, but going from age 35 to 50 would account for being more tired now and more forgetful as well. After all those years, if something dastardly was going to happen, it would have by now. I know life without stimulant medication would not be worth living.

ummmmmm it would probably be inappropriate for me to answer this question in my immediate condition considering circa 40 minutes ago i just tossed up my container of dexies and hit a home run with my skateboard and watched those orange grommits go flying into the gulch outside my apartment. If my math is correct i am currently peaking from my last dose of orangemen that i took at 12:00 (it is 2:08 PST). I have been taking the short acting dexidrine 3 times a day since a week after graduating high school. i am currently a sophomore in college. my life since high school in three hundred million ways has been three hundred million times different. if my life ended today there would be no doubt i would consider the last 15 or so months to be the most prolific era of my life. I did AMAZING things. Now this is not to say that these are some miracle drug, i also tried sooooooo much harder and dreamed sooooooo much bigger than i ever had. im not exactly sure what went wrong, it went wrong, or if something actually did go wrong. there are soo many ways to look at things, and i can't choose one. All i know is i couldn't hang anymore with my current situation and so i just chucked them. My testimony cannot be taken as anything close to a standard or ordinary case however. I did not go about getting treated in an orthodox way by any means. when i was diagnosed with ADD i didn't even know what to think. I took it pretty acceptingly, and i was pretty much the only one. None of my friends really beleived me or even believed in ADD. None of them even do now. I don't think anybody beleives in ADD, and they've got me wondering if i even believe in it. In retrospect, you probably shouldn't take much from this testimony, i probably shouldn't even have written it. Perhaps i shall come back in a few weeks and edit it once i have undergone the grave magnitude of imminent change resulting from my recent actions. I have to go to class.


It can be harder to accept ADD once it's treated. To experience ADD on a practical daily basis in is for the most part bull. 'Cut me a break from all the bunch of stupid crap going on all at once inside making everything complicated. I'm riding a bus. I just want to do this most simple routine but within seconds of silence I'll have a s-load of crap fill into my bucket about what i'm gona do next or what I'm gona do if I can't figure out what I'm gona do next or how I'm thinking about what and everything else all bunched that,

It's hard to not to wish for an easy way

to ride as simple as the wave

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Q: Can Adderall or stimulant medication actually make ADD worse over a long period of time?
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How can you deal with ADHD?

stimulant drug therapies are the most effective line of treatment known for the management of ADD/ADHD. however, if stimulant drugs like Ritalin or adderall aren't appealing to you, for ethical reasons or because of side effects, there is also strattera, which is a new non stimulant drug therapy for ADHD. however, studies done on the effectiveness of strattera VS adderall or Ritalin consistantly show that the stimulant drugs are nearly 40 percent more effective VS placebo. if drugs aren't your cup of tea PERIOD, then some talk therapies or neurofeedback programs can be of use. look up neurofeedback centers on Google or wikipedia, and you can find one near you.

What if your son weighs 240 lbs. how many pills a day can he take of adderall xr?

Realistically weight should not be as much of an issue as you might think with regards to a powerful psycho stimulant, such as Adderall. Even with an extremely long period of medication having occured, at the very most a single 30mg. That is, having built up the medication from a lower dose up. 30mg would almost never be initially prescribed in a realistic situation (aka not a "shopping doctor") 30 mg is a potent amount and the highest dose manufactured, with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 mg doses made generically/depending on location.

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irregular period and respiratory stimulant

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The answer is definitely "yes." Your brain actually develops a tolerance to Adderall by creating more receptors. Once you develop a tolerance, the Adderall becomes less and less effective. You can overcome the tolerance temporarily by increasing the dose but, in time, your brain will also develop a tolerance to the new dose.

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You seem to mean Adderall, Adderol is incorrect. Urine testing can reveal Adderall for 1 to 4 days after use. After heavy chronic use, Adderall can be detectable in urine for up to 5 to 7 days. Blood testing can detect Adderall for about 12 hours. Hair testing can reveal Adderall during 3 months, providing 1.5 inches of growth. The shorter the person's hair is, the shorter the detection period will be.

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Adderall is a very unsafe drug to use if a father is trying to conceive. Adderall is known to cause erectile dysfunction after a period of prolonged use. The changes in blood pressure may also minimize arousal levels.

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