Best ways to turn a man on?

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Cook Him Dinner, And When You Bring In Dessert, Wear Nothing But Sexy Underwear.

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Q: Best ways to turn a man on?
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What are the best ways to turn your boyfriend on?

Turn yourself on in front of him... he'll love you for it ;)

Best ways to turn a girl on?

For me, you should be sweet, kind, caring, and a good listener.

How be a bold man?

There are many qualities that encourage one to be a bold man. One of the best ways is by displaying confidence.

What ancient greek man separated fact from legend?

A man named Herodotus seperated fact from legend in the best ways possible.

How do you turn into a man?

if you are a women then you can't but if your a boy nature will turn you into a man

What is the best baseball bat for a ten year old boy?

a loiville slugger will turn him into a man faster.

How do you turn a straight man gay?

If you mean to make him joyful, many ways. If you mean to change his sexual orientation, then no way to which he is not previously predisposed.

How do you a turn on a man?

There is a very old Joke that about sums it up. How do you turn on a man, Smile. Alternate: How do you turn on a man: Show up for your date.

Why was the Civil War called the rich man's war?

During the Civil War a rich man had numerous ways to avoid military service, and numerous opportunities to turn a profit on the war. Hence, it was the rich man's war, and the poor man's fight.

When was The Ways to Love a Man created?

The Ways to Love a Man was created in 1969-07.

What are some ways to turn on your boyfriend?


How can you get a man turned on?

To get a man turned on you can try first getting friendly with him...then you have to do more than that. Wear showy outfits or you can even say things to turn him on. You should always look your best and wear good perfumes...but remember you don't have to act slutty to turn a man on.

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