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your pregnant.

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Q: Back pain sore breast and clear vaginal discharge?
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What causes lower back pain and vaginal discharge?

Chlamydia. Go see a doctor. Now.

Why do you have brown discharge when you wipe?

you are wiping the wrong way. Wipe from front to back, not back to front. Going from back to front smears feces onto your vaginal area.

What does normal vaginal discharge look like?

The normal vaginal discharge is simply clear fluid. It may become thicker and stickier close to ovulation. Any time discharge is yellowish or greenish, like nasal snot during an infection, it is a sign of bacterial infection. Any time discharge looks like white milk or like cottage cheese, it is a sign of a yeast infection. Please never have intercourse when you have an infection-- it can be passed to a guy who can carry the germs and give it back to you or to whoever else he has sex with.

What would be the earliest signs if pregnant?

Some of the first signs of pregnancy could be nausea, sore breast, more vaginal discharge then normal, missed period, growth of butt and breast, back and headache, urinating more then usual, or tired and out of energy alot. Those could all be signs. go see a doctor for more information ;)

What hole does your period come from?

Your menstrual flow comes out via your vaginal opening. The vaginal opening is at the bottom/back of your vulva, between your urethra (where you urinate from) and your anus (where you deficate from) - the vaginal opening is the same hole that vaginal discharge comes out of. Try looking at diaphragms online, such as from sex education sites like Scarleteen, to get an idea of where to look.

What are the symptoms for having your period?

sometimes you may experience breast sorness, vaginal pains, stomach pains, lower back pains and few others.

Why do you have a brown discharge that lasts till ovulation even though your tests came back negative and is there anything you can do about it since it interferes with intimacy? You need to be adamant that your doctor find out what it is!

My period is due in 2 days I had a pos preg test and you have cramping and just today you had a pink discharge Is this normal you had a mc back in Nov so you are scared?

Pink vaginal discharge is common in early pregnancy hun. Only worry if you experience abdominal cramping or red vaginal bleeding. Contact your doctor for confirmation of the pregnancy & congratulations.

How long does it take to get test back bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is normally diagnosed by physical exam or immediate microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge. Health care providers don't normally use a sendout test to diagnose this vaginal imbalance.

Why does your vagina have so much yellow discharge?

Unfortunately, any discharge that is not clear -- that has a color (green, yellow is bacterial... white cottage cheese is yeast) -- means you have a infection. Most vaginal infections cause itching and burning, but some women aren't bothered much. It is extremely important to see a doctor and get treated. Vaginal infections can be spread to a partner-- who can then spread it back to you or other women. The infection can also go up the vagina and infect the uterus, causing low abdominal pain. Untreated, it can cause infertilty.

What is the black earwax in the back of your ear?

Normal waxy discharge from the human ear is clear, cloudy, or a bit yellowish. Waxy discharge that is blackish or dark is a sign that there may be a current or reoccuring ear infection that is resulting in blood mixing with the normal discharge.

Can you get rid of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer can not get rid of. However, Breast Cancer can go away but come back soon. Symptoms of Breast Cancer would be pain, weight loss, breast pain, breast lump, and nipple discharge. If you have Breast Cancer or symptoms, visit your local doctor. Go to to find out more information about Breast Cancer. You can also look up American Cancer Society for more help.

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